Septic System Health and your Medications

As we all know a lot of any medication we take passes through our body through our urine. Our Septic System Health and Your Medications directly affect the system. Our Septic System is a living thing, it has live bacteria and organisms, naturally occurring that help process our waste in the system. If we kill these organisms and bacteria our Septic System will become whats know as dead. A good example is if someone in your household is on chemotherapy. That persons waste will kill all of the bacteria in the septic system causing it to die. If the chemotherapy is for a short period the system will restore itself. If the chemotherapy is for an extended period the system may not be able to restore itself.

Best practice for Septic System Health and Your Medications is to have your Septic System Pumped as soon as the person ends chemotherapy. That will remove all of the chemo drugs and the system will start out new.

Other things that will affect your system is bleach. Doing all of your laundries in one day using a lot of bleach can stress the system. It is best practice to do one or two loads a day, even better to do them at the end of the day so the system has all night to recuperate. High doses of antibiotics will also affect the system. If you are on them for 10 days then don’t worry about it. If longer than you should consider having your Septic Tank Pumped when you are done with your antibiotics.

Whether you live in Dutchess, Putnam, Westchester, Rockland, Orange, or Ulster County in New York we can provide the Septic Service you need. Call Clint Plumbing & Septic Services is your expert in solving any and all Septic issues. We are also expert at dealing with the authorities whether it is your local Department of Health of the NYC Department of Environmental Conservation Watershed Protection.

Septic System Health and Your Medications
Your Septic System
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