What did you flush – Septic System Maintenance

Your Septic System and/or sewage pipes can’t take everything.

You would be amazed at what we take out of septic tanks and sewer lines. I just don’t know how people get this stuff down the toilet. Septic System Maintenance is key. Your sewage system and pipes in the Hudson Valley, New York generally are surrounded by trees. The Northeast loves trees. Tree roots are the number one cause of Septic Failure. Tree roots are as big and aggressive as the tree branches and sewer pipes are full of nutrients. The tree roots will damage your pipes by crushing them, infiltrating them, breaking them, or moving them so they belly. We can fix anything whether we dig and replace, line it, coat it, or burst it. You can have your trees and septic pipes and we can perform a resolution that will prevent tree roots from entering your pipes ever again. Trenchless Pipe Replacement.

While we all love wipes to clean our butts, don’t flush them. We make so much money off of wipes it is great. Wipes are flushable if you have a perfect sewer line. Wipes are never flushable if you are on a private septic system. Neither are feminine napkins, tampons, or condoms. Other items that do not flush well are Q tips, towels, toys (adult or children), toothbrushes, and hairbrushes to name a few. Septic System Maintenance is key.


If you do flush anything you shouldn’t, Call Clint Plumbing and Septic Services can come out and resolve your problem. Whether you live in Dutchess, Putnam, Westchester, Rockland, Orange, or Ulster Counties. We have technicians living near you. CONTACT US  

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