3 Different Kinds Of Well Pumps

32407520_sA well pump is the device that sits in your well and is designed to push water out of the well into the plumbing pipes that carries it to your home. If your home sources its water from a well, the pump is essential to you getting water. If your well was installed by a certified professional, it should last for several years. But, many homeowners find that when they move into their new home there isn’t enough information about the well to give them a timeline of how old it is and when it might need to be replaced. For this reason it is very important to have proper well pump inspections and maintenance.

There are three main kinds of well pumps:

Jet Pump: these pumps come in two different models, either deep or shallow and they are usually paired with a pressure tank. The difference is the depth from which the pump draws the water. A shallow pump will pull water from 25 feet down in the well, and a deep pump will pull from more like 100 feet and they use two pipes to do this.

Centrifugal Pump: These pumps come with one pipe that is placed in the water at no more than 25 feet and the pump sucks the water from the ground and into the house.

Submersible Pump: these pumps are more eco-friendly as they only pump water as it is needed in the home. These are the most popular model of well and they are used in both shallow and deep wells. Most submersible pumps will last anywhere from 8 to fifteen years.

When you move into a new home, make sure to ask how old the well is. The age of a well helps to determine what the cause might be of any malfunctions. Also, ask about the size of the well. For instance, if your well is not working properly and you know that it is no more than five years old, it could be that the pump is too small for the household water usage. This is good information for when you are shopping for a new well pump.



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