3 Myths About Drain Cleaning

3 Myths About Drain Cleaning | Call Clint | Plumbing | Septic

Somewhere in your home, a pipe is slowly filling with debris. In the kitchen, cooking grease and food particles cling to pipes. In the bathroom, hair and personal products don’t wash completely away. Dirt and small items rinse into your washing machine drain. Eventually, buildup creates a clog. It’s only a matter of time. Before you try to unstop a clogged drain, discover some of the most common myths that lead to homeowners making plumbing mistakes.

Drain Cleaner Is as Good as a Plumber

The product you buy at the grocery store might have the word “plumber” in the name, but that doesn’t make it as effective as hiring a professional. Commercials show drain cleaner foaming through pipes and powering away obstructions like magic, but unfortunately, that’s not what happens.

Homeowners often pour drain cleaner down a drain and find things get better for a brief period. Drain cleaners do eat through organic material like oil and hair, but they often only make a small opening before they wash away. Homeowners find themselves regularly adding more to open a drain that gets repeatedly clogged. Commercial solutions can dissolve your pipes and often aren’t effective long-term.

Homeowners Should Be Able to Clean Their Own Drains

Many people feel that if they don’t put anything they shouldn’t down their drains, they’ll never have a problem. They think responsible homeowners shouldn’t need anything more than a plunger. The truth is, clogs and leaks happen. Sometimes aging plumbing has unpreventable hard water buildup. Toilets contain parts that eventually just fail. Hiring a professional prevents further damage and saves time.

It’s Okay to Wait on a Slow Drain

When a tub or a sink takes a long time to drain, homeowners are tempted to just leave it alone. It still works, and the water goes down eventually. However, a slow drain indicates a problem that could quickly turn into an overflowing sink or a flooded bathroom. It’s always best to call an expert before a small problem turns into a big one.

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