3 Spring Maintenance Tips to Secure Your Plumbing System

3 Spring Maintenance Tips to Secure Your Plumbing System

Many homeowners in Hudson Valley New York are embracing the emergence of spring by tackling spring cleaning tasks and

organizing landscaping projects. But before spring is over, it is important to make time to perform some maintenance procedures on your home’s plumbing system.

Thankfully, there is still ample time left during spring to begin the important task of maintaining your plumbing system. Use the following plumbing maintenance tips to make sure your system is working efficiently this season.

Check Your Hoses

It is common for outdoor hose faucets to become blocked and clogged with ice or debris throughout the winter months, so take time to examine your outside hoses to determine whether they are working correctly or have sustained a clog. Ensure your hose is entirely clear of debris and always check for leaks before you use it this spring.

Examine All Unused Drains

If there are areas inside your home that do not get much use or have gone unused for an extended period, such as a guest bathroom or a basement bathroom, make sure to examine these regions for plumbing leaks. You may also want to pour a gallon of water into all drains in these areas to make sure the p-trap is full. This can help deter sewage gasses from infiltrating your home and causing unpleasant smells.

Check All Toilets

Make sure all unused bathrooms have functioning toilets by going through and flushing each one. Consider examining the seal surrounding the toilet bowl to ensure there are no absent pieces.

Warmer temperatures generally cause homeowners to use more water to remain hydrated and keep their landscapes in good condition. Since the winter months can be especially hard on a plumbing system, performing maintenance on your system now is the perfect way to assure your system is operating as it should for the upcoming months of warm weather. If anything within your system is damaged and needs a repair, now is the optimal time to have it restored before it develops into a plumbing emergency.


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