3 Tools To Add To Your Home Plumbing Kit

18650418_s (1)Most people have a set of a few tools in their home or garage. Things come up in your home and having things like screwdrivers and hammers can really come in handy.

Things like plungers are pretty common in most homes, this little lifesaver can make the difference between a huge disgusting mess on the bathroom floor … or, not. And, most everyone knows what a plunger, a screwdriver, and a hammer all look like.

But, what if you want to expand your tool set to include some key tools for repairing installing items in your plumbing system? Do you know which tools are most important to have?

Here are a few suggestions:

  • While hammers are not typically recommended for plumbing repairs, screwdrivers are an important tool that cross over from typical home repairs to plumbing related repairs. However, if you are planning to start some plumbing projects, you may want to expand your collection of screwdrivers. Faucet handles, overflow plates, and shower handles each require a different size and style of screwdriver. So, to ensure that you have the tool for the job, it is important to have broad range of screwdrivers.
  • Plumber’s putty is a soft putty that is pliable and waterproof. It comes in handy for sealing around faucets and drains. But, it is also very versatile and can be used for a wide range of projects. You should definitely have some in your toolbox going forward if you are planning to work on plumbing projects.
  • Having a hacksaw on hand might seem a little extreme but, sometimes when you are replacing or repairing something in your plumbing system, the pieces don’t come apart easily. Things like bolts and nuts and screws can all be removed easily using a hacksaw. Depending on the project that you are working on you may need a big hacksaw or a small one.

Having the right tools for your plumbing repairs can make the difference between getting the job done right and having even more to repair after you try. Luckily, you don’t have to purchase too many specialty items to get you toolbox up to par for all of your plumbing projects.


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