4 Ways To Prepare Your Plumbing For Cold Weather

36762228_sNow that the fall season is upon us, it might seem like it’s okay to let your guard down with regards to water conservation. During the summer season, it is natural to use more water because it is hotter outside and there are more outdoor activities, making it very important to save water. But, during the fall season heavy rains make it seem like there is plenty of water and water conservation is not as important. The opposite is true.

Here are some cold weather water-saving tips that you can use this fall:

  • If a cold snap comes through and your pipes are at risk of freezing, leave them to drip a tiny amount so that the flow of water through the pipes never stops. This helps to prevent the water inside from freezing, which will lead to a burst pipe. Leaving a pipe to drip wastes significantly less water than a burst pipe would.
  • Take this time before the freezing weather hits to disconnect your garden hoses and store them for the season. Garden hoses are not made to insulate from the cold weather and therefore the water inside of them can freeze, causing pressure to build up inside of your plumbing system.
  • If you have outdoor spigots and fixtures, make sure to insulate and winterize them. There are products that you can use to wrap them and keep them from freezing. This step helps to prevent them from burst due to cold weather or freezing, which will waste a significant amount of water.
  • If you have a sprinkler system, this is the time of year to change the amount that it waters your lawn and landscaping. During the summer months, your outdoors need to be watered more because of the hot weather. Grass can burn if it is not watered enough. During the fall season, the weather is cooler and it rains more, making it less necessary to water as much. You can adjust your sprinkler system as such.

Use this time of year to implement these good habits for saving water and, thus saving money on your monthly utility bills.

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