6 Tips For Protecting Your Plumbing While On Vacation This Winter

checklist-1622517_1280Now that the chaos of the holiday has died down, many people are excited to get away from home for a little quality time before the end of the winter.

This is the time of year when many families enjoy going on ski weekends or even traveling far from the cold weather and going to the beach.

No matter where you are going for your end of the winter trip – make sure to take these precautions to ensure that your plumbing system doesn’t have a major disaster while you are gone:


  • Insulate Water Pipes Whenever Possible: One major step in preventing frozen pipes is to ensure your pipes have some type of insulation. You can purchase foam pipe insulation covers from any hardware store.
  • Disconnect All Outside Hoses and Water Lines: This is especially important for people who live in a country setting and have multiple sources of water around their property.
  • Keep House Warm Even If You’re Away: It is usually recommended to drop your house’s temp if you’re away for the holidays during winter. Doing so helps your electric bill but can spell disaster for areas that freeze.
  • Keep Cupboards Open for Air Circulation: Another tip that works when you are home or away is keeping open bathroom and kitchen cupboards if possible. Doing this will help warm air in your home reach the pipes easier.
  • Use a Space Heater for Very Cold Winters: If you’ve had past issues with freezing pipes or recently moved to an area that gets really cold, run a space heater in your home at night and have a friend or neighbor come and turn it off during the day while you’re gone
  • Let Faucets Drip: This seems odd but works very well. It is more difficult for pipes to freeze if the water is moving, even if slowly. At night or on extremely cold days turn on the faucet just until it begins dripping water.


If you need peace of mind about your home while you are away – nothing will do that for you like follow these simple tips. A burst pipe can cause extensive damage and these simple tips will help to mediate the risk.


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