Not only is your plumbing system expertly configured to carry the used or “gray” water away from your home and to the main sewer line, but each of the drains and fixtures in your home are individually configured to support this process. The intricacies of each drain are complex and all components must be in proper working order or the entire system fails. With all of this going on under the house or in the walls, it is no wonder that it never occurs to us to be mindful of what we rinse down the drain or flush down the toilet.

However, when your drain system fails, the result is usually a basin full of bacteria-laden water that can pose a serious health risk to you and your family. For this reason, it is important to be thoughtful of your plumbing system and to educate yourself and your family about proper drain etiquette. In other words, what is safe to rinse down the drain and what could cause damage.

Luckily, the outstanding team of plumbers at Call Clint Plumbing are here to help! In fact, we have been supporting homeowners in the Village of Brewster with all of their drain cleaning issues for years. We understand how overwhelming it can be to think about your drain system, especially when your focus is on preparing meals and taking care of your family. However, all of these activities rely heavily on a properly working drain system, and maintenance is key!

Some do-it-yourself home maintenance tips that we recommend include:

  • Drain Screens: Placing screens over your drain protects them from any large particles or hair. While water will still be allowed through, these other items will be caught and can be thrown into the garbage.
  • Do Not Use Chemicals: While it might seem like a good idea to dump a jug of drain cleaner down the sink or tub, this can actually leave your pipes vulnerable to breakage as these products are highly acidic and corrosive.
  • Boiling Water: Rather than using a chemical drain cleaner you can simply use boiling hot water. Just fill the basin with boiling water and allow it to drain. The pressure from the volume of water will clear away any residue that is loosened by the boiling temperature.

Unfortunately, sometimes no matter how cautious you are with your drain system a clog will still develop. When this happens you can count on our professional and experienced plumbers to effectively diagnose and repair your drain clog. Each member of our team has thorough training and knowledge of all drain cleaning equipment and techniques making us uniquely qualified to locate your clog and then apply the right tool for the job!

Also, regardless of what tool or equipment is needed you can trust that our vans will arrive at your location fully-stocked so that your job is never delayed while we wait for the right equipment. Also, after our technician has addressed your drain cleaning needs, he or she will perform a complete video camera inspection to ensure that there are no other blockages or issues.