Clogged Drain Repair & Drain Cleaning Services in Rensselaer

A household getting ready for the day can be a chaotic sight, everyone is moving frantically from one room to another trying to get fed and groomed before it is time to leave, which means that no one is thinking about what they are rinsing down the drain. However, things like grease from cooking breakfast or, shaving cream from shaving your face can easily lead to a drain clog, which will have your morning routine screeching to a halt.

Thankfully, the homeowners of Rensselaer County have counted on the experts at Call Clint Plumbing for superior drain cleaning services for years. No matter if the clog is contained in your kitchen drain, or your bathroom shower our team has the equipment and the training to locate and fix the problem.

There are a wide variety of reasons that your drain might develop a clog, however, some of those reasons you can eliminate through having regularly scheduled professional maintenance checks. Also, there are some things you can do at home to maintain the overall condition of your drains and pipes. Some of these at-home steps include:

  • Drain Screens: Installing screens over your drains is an inexpensive and easy way to limit the chances of your drains developing a clog. These covers are designed so that water and other liquid will wash through them, but large particles that might contribute to a clog are trapped and can then be thrown in the garbage.
  • Do Not Use Chemicals: The over the counter drain maintenance products seem like a good deal. They are easy to find and all you have to do is pour them down the drain. However, because these products contain high amounts of acid, they are highly corrosive and will cause your pipes to weaken and eventually break. Also, if you are on a septic system they can permanently damage the environment of your tank.
  • Boiling Water: A good alternative to a corrosive drain cleaning product is simply boiling hot water. This process involves filling the sink or bathtub with boiling hot water and then letting the entire contents drain. The hot temperature of the water softens any stubborn residue that has formed and the high volume of water rushing down the drain helps to rinse it all away. Think of it as a very low-pressure jetting.

Sometimes, no matter what steps you take to prevent clogs your plumbing system just naturally develops one due to normal wear and tear. This might manifest into symptoms like a foul smell or gurgling sound coming from the drain. If you notice these signs don’t wait, contact our office immediately.

Think of these symptoms as a warning shot that your plumbing system is making and bring in the professionals to get the situation treated. Our team will bring the tools and the skills to efficiently and effectively diagnose and address the issue.