Your list of things to do after you get home from a busy day is endless. Tasks like cleaning up after dinner, doing a load of laundry, and getting yourself or your children ready for bed cause enough chaos and rush without a malfunction with your plumbing system interfering. When a drain clog or broken pipe happen in your house, productivity comes to a halt and you have to divert your attention to an unplanned and very inconvenient situation.

Luckily, the team of highly-skilled plumbers at Call Clint Plumbing of Fishkill is here to support you through this scenario by providing excellent emergency plumbing solutions 24/7. Whether your plumbing system has developed a malfunction during the evening, weekend, or on a holiday our team of outstanding, professional plumbers are available to help and without ever charging any extra overtime fees.

Plumbing emergencies drastically interfere with your day and cause enough distress without you having to worry about the plumbing services that you’re receiving and the expense you are incurring. Our team is committed to providing highly-skilled plumbing support at a budget-friendly rate that never increases because plumbing issue happened outside of regular business hours.

If you suddenly find yourself dealing with a plumbing emergency, here are some steps that you can take to minimize the damage:

  1. Contact our office immediately: Sometimes a plumbing issue might seem minor and you’re inclined to let them wait until a time that is more convenient before calling for service. However, these minor problems are sometimes even more damaging than the major obvious ones because they progressively escalate to something more severe. Don’t hesitate to contact us no matter how small or large your plumbing issue seems to be.
  2. Turn off the main water source: There is a valve that you can shut off to stop the flow of water to all of the fixtures inside of your house. This is an important valve to know about, especially if your home is being flooding due to a broken pipe or a leaking faucet. If you don’t shut off the main water source, the water will continue to flood your home causing significant damage to your flooring and belongings. Make sure that all of the member of your family know where the main water shut off valve is in case you are not home when a plumbing emergency strikes they can turn the water off.
  3. Turn off the water supply to the affected fixture: The individual fixtures in your home also have their own water shut off valves. Sometimes the plumbing issue is something that can be contained to just one fixture and access to water elsewhere in the home won’t cause any additional damage. In this case, it is appropriate to only turn off the water to the one fixture that is malfunctioning.

When you are dealing with the stress of a plumbing emergency, the last thing that you want to do is leave a message on an answering machine. That is not helpful and definitely doesn’t leave you feeling like help is on the way. That’s why our team is dedicated to always have a live person answering our phones, regardless of what time of night or day that it rings. We understand how distressing these situations can be and we want you to feel reassured that when you call us, you are calling a professional who truly cares and will be there to help!