When access to a public sewer system is not an option, homeowners can choose to have a septic system installed on their property. These cost-effective and durable systems are designed to treat and dispose of wastewater on-site, when there is no plumbing available to connect to for access to a public system.

There are basically two phases to a septic system, first a septic tank is buried in the ground to catch all of the waste and used water coming from the home. These tanks are usually 9’ by 5’ and are built to last for decades. When the used water and waste comes into the tank from the fixtures in the home, there is a natural process of enzymes that breaks down the waste. Once the used water is treated, it is pumped to the second phase of the system, the drain field, which is responsible for disposing of the now harmless water by dispersing it into the environment and soil.

For those homes that are located in rural or in areas where public sewer access is not available, an on-site septic system is their only option for sewage treatment and disposal, making it extremely important for the homeowner to be responsible about the use of their septic system. A major part to this responsibility is making sure to schedule annual visits by a professional plumber for the septic system to receive service.

Some tasks that will be completed during a septic maintenance visit are:

  • Check for signs of blockages or clogs. Our technician will check the entire system from start to finish and locate the issue so we can then repair it or provide you with options
  • Check the integrity of the tank. If your tank has been trying to manage materials that are not septic-friendly, there might be weakness in the walls of the tank. Also, if your tank is installed in loose soil and there has been any shifting, the lid or the seams of the tank may have shifted.
  • Measure solids. Your septic tank should be pumped once every 3 to 5 years. When our technician is conducting routine service he or she will check the amounts of solid waste inside of your septic tank and will advise you on a pumping schedule.

The team at Call Clint Plumbing has been trusted by Fishkill area homeowners for septic services for many years. We have invested in the tools, equipment, and training necessary to provide compliant and thorough septic installation, repair, and maintenance services.

Whether your system needs to be pumped, is showing signs of a malfunction and needs repair, or you need a whole new septic system installed, you can count on our team to arrive at your location as scheduled with all of the needed experience and tools to address the situation right the first time.

We specialize in difficult septic systems that require additional permits and adherence to special regulations, and can handle these jobs with the same level of expertise and ease as any other septic job. Don’t hesitate to contact our office today to discuss the issues you are having with your septic system. A friendly member of our staff will take your call and will happily provide you with information and options.