Follow These Tips Before You Leave For Summer Vacation

27544058 - plumbing sign with house, tap and spanner in frameAlthough the temperature is still fluctuating a little bit, the extra noise in the house from the kids being home from school during the day means that the summer break is officially here.


And, with the summer seasons comes extra activity and fun times for you and your family. Many families reserve the summer months for their family vacations, out of town trips, and weekend camping getaways. Not to mention the occasional backyard cookout with family and friends.


But, another more pressing concern should be the state of your plumbing system. While it might seem like problems with your plumbing system can only happen during the winter months – they are actually fairly common during the summer months as well.


Here are a few things that you should do before you leave out of town, to make sure that your plumbing system won’t ruin your fun in the sun:


  • If you are going to be gone for a long time, turn your water heater thermostat down and save some energy. Your water heater is constantly heating water 24/7 no matter if you need it or not. And, if you are out of town you definitely don’t need it. So, you can feel safe turning the temperature down.
  • Consider going out to your main water shut off valve and turning it off so that your home doesn’t have a source of water coming to it. This will reduce the chances of anything major happening in the way of water damage if there is a plumbing break or leak.
  • Make sure to check all of your plumbing pipes that are under the cabinets in your home. This is the perfect place for a sneaky leak, because these areas don’t get paid much attention to. Make sure that you double-check these areas with a flashlight to ensure you are seeing all possible nooks and crannies.


Keep your home and your vacation budget protected from a plumbing disaster by following these tips. A plumbing breakdown, while you are on vacation is especially damaging because, without you being at home to catch the problem, the water damage could be significant.


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