Give Your Plumbing a New Start in 2018

January is half over, and you, being a dedicated person, are sticking to your resolutions, right? Well, before the year is too far gone, why not include treating your plumbing better? Here are some suggestions from your friendly neighborhood plumbers at Call Clint Plumbing of the Hudson Valley to help you make 2018 the best year ever for your home’s plumbing.

Get an Exam

2018: The Year You Treat Your Plumbing Right

Every year, we make sure we get the necessary exams for ourselves, be they dental, physical, or something else.

We even remember to have our roof or HVAC inspected. Remember the last plumbing inspection you had done? If it wasn’t last year, it’s been too long.

Go the extra step this year, and plan your plumbing inspection for this spring. Trust a professional to do a complete inspection, and then follow up on the findings, so you get ahead of any potential problems.

Dispose of Correctly

Do you know what items are terrible for garbage disposal that many people still send down? Print out a list of approved items and add instructions for use, like cutting up chunks, running the water and turning on the disposal first, and tossing ice in afterward to clean the system out. Keep this list near the disposal to remind your family and guests. Take the time to maintain your disposal correctly, or you may find yourself having a new one installed this year.

Protect Your Pipes

When we exercise, we all take the proper precautions to ensure we don’t injure ourselves. If we do experience injury, we follow specific instructions to get healthy as fast as possible. Now, let’s put that effort into taking care of our pipes this year. Educate yourself on what you should do for your pipes in extreme weather, be smart about what you send down toilets and the garbage disposal, and learn how to spot problems sooner so you can get the problem fixed immediately.

At Call Clint Plumbing, our highly trained plumbers are ready to inspect your plumbing and give you pointers on what you can do to maintain them properly. To schedule an inspection or if you need repairs, call us today.




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