House-Hunting? 4 Things To Look For In The Plumbing

34463361_s (1)Summer time is here and for many people around the country that means buying a new home. The summer months are the most popular months of the year for buying a new home and moving. This is for many reasons including having nice weather and having kids home on summer break.

While buying a new home can be a very exciting thing, more than 43% of all new home buyers discover within the first year of purchase that they need professional plumbing support. Sometimes this is for a minor plumbing issue and sometimes it is for a major plumbing malfunction that has caused significant damage.

If you are planning to buy a new home this summer, here are some things to be looking at while you are walking through various properties:

Look under the kitchen sink and make sure that the connection between the garbage disposal and the dishwasher are not leaking. Even if you are completely unfamiliar with plumbing, this is an easy thing to spot. If there has been any leaking under the sink, the wood of the cupboard will show signs of water damage. It may even have an odor that indicates mildew has been growing. If you are unsure what you are looking for, you can do some research before you go and look at images of leaking garbage disposals.

Check for water damage in all cabinets where sinks are installed. Make sure to use a flashlight so that you can make a thorough inspection and see all of the corners of the cupboards. This includes the bathroom, kitchen, and utility sinks. If there is plumbing installed in exterior walls, pay special attention to these as they are the most vulnerable to freezing during cold weather.

Check around the bottom of the toilet for signs of water damage. This includes cracked or broken floor seals, bubbles or ripples in the vinyl, and spongy flooring around the toilet.

Check the washing machine hoses where they connect to the wall for cracks or bulges. Make sure the faucets turn on and off and when they do, check to make sure there isn’t any water leaks or drips.

If you are planning to buy a new home this summer, keep these tips in mind to make sure that the plumbing system for the new house isn’t showing signs of trouble that could be major issues in a few months.

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