Is Your Plumbing Ready For The Back To School Chaos?

43496041_sSummer vacation has officially ended and the school bells are ringing. For many families this indicates the beginning of a chaotic schedule and a priority to get to bed in the evening, and out the door in the morning – on time!

This extra activity means that your plumbing system will be used much more than during the summer season, and it is important to make sure the system is up for the job. Here are some tips to ensure that your plumbing is ready for all of the extra volume and use:

  • Water heater. The water heater in your home is important for showers, cleaning up meals, and getting clothes ready for the day. However, if all of these activities are happening at once, they can take a toll on the appliance. Instead, create a plan for your family to follow that includes some members taking their shower in the evening. This way, your water heater won’t be overwhelmed and you ensure that plenty of hot water is available.
  • Garbage disposal. With the priority to get meals on the table and cleaned up quickly, it might seem like a good idea to cut corners here and there. But, if one of those shortcuts involves putting stuff in the garbage disposal that doesn’t belong – you could be creating a real headache for yourself. Never put grease, egg shells, potato peels, or coffee grounds into the garbage disposal.
  • Washing machine. Your washing machine does have a filter in it that can become clogged. To avoid this, make sure to check pockets and empty them before putting clothes into the washing machine. Young children are especially guilty of leaving things like rocks, wood chips, and paper in their pockets and all of these things can clog your washing machine filter.

Back-to-school is a fun … and hectic time of year. The first day of school is exciting to see old friends, meet new friends, and change the pace of the home. But, it is also chaotic and you count on your plumbing system to work properly in order for everyone to get out of the house on time. Make sure to follow these tips this back-to-school season.

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