Keep Your Super Bowl Parties from Turning into Toilet Bowl Disaster with these 3 Points

Super Bowl Party | Hudson Valley | Poughkeepsie PlumberFootball fans are preparing for the biggest game of the year. But if they don’t tackle some plumbing precautions before kick-off, Call Clint Plumbing & Septic predicts their Super Bowl parties could turn into Toilet Bowl disasters.

According to the American Institute of Food Distribution, Super Bowl Sunday is the second-largest day of food consumption.  It’s behind, you guessed it, Thanksgiving, which proves to be the busiest time of year for plumbers.

“Just like the holiday’s people pile into homes for Super Bowl parties, where they eat and drink more than usual,” said Clint Kershaw, president of Call Clint Plumbing & Septic. “This can put a strain on your home’s plumbing.”

With toilets and garbage disposals working overtime, it increases the odds of them overflowing, getting stopped-up and malfunctioning. Clint recommends homeowners prep their bathrooms before their guests arrive, and keep an eye on their kitchens during the game.

Three quick points to help prevent any plumbing interferences during the Super Bowl:

  1. Remove small objects and clutter on toilet tanks that could fall in, causing it to clog.
  2. Ensure a trash bin is in the bathroom. Don’t flush paper towels, napkins or facial tissue, which could lead to a clogged toilet.
  3. Don’t overload garbage disposal with leftovers, which could lead to a clogged kitchen sink.

If you find yourself having any issues on game day — Give Clint a call, 845-738-4636!


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