Activities like washing dishes, doing a load of laundry, and taking a shower all involve taking unused, fresh water and cleaning something.  However, what happens to the water once it has done its job and is rinsed down the drain? This water often times contains high levels of various types of bacteria, making it unsuitable to have in the home any longer.

Carrying this bacteria-laden water away from your home is the job of your drainage system, and there are several components that all work together to make this happen. In fact, each fixture in your home has a drain and pipes, which are configured in such a way that they carry the used water to the main septic line. If anything goes wrong from point A to point B, like a blockage or clog, the used water will back up into the basin and could possibly overflow in your home.

Luckily, the plumbers at Call Clint Plumbing of Kingston have been providing superior drain cleaning support to the residents of Kingston for years. Each of our vans is fully-stocked with the latest plumbing tools and equipment and every member of our plumbing team has the skills and the know-how to operate them.

  • Continuous Cable Machines: While the operation of these machines is very similar to the sectional cable machines, they are much bulkier and weigh a lot more because the cable is all one piece and can extend to 100 feet or more. Because the technician is not required to fit several small pieces of cable together, these machines are typically much faster to use for clearing a clog.
  • Jetting: This is the process of feeding a long hose into your drain, which is equipped with tiny nozzles. Once the hose is in place the machine is turned on and water is sprayed from the nozzles at a very high pressure which breaks up and washes away all build-up and residue that has formed inside of your pipes. This process will effectively clear the blockage as well as return the condition of your pipes to like-new.
  • Sectional Cable Machines: These machines are very compact and don’t weigh much so they can be easily packed around. The idea is that several smaller sections of cable are coupled together to form a long hose, typically extended to 15 feet long. This cable is fed into the drainage system and pushes the clog through.

The drainage system in your home is complicated, in fact, each drain has several different components that all have to be in top working order for the drain, and the entire system to work properly. There are so many ways that a clog could form, and even more locations where the clog could be. When you work with our superior team of plumbers you can trust that we have the years of experience to easily diagnose which drain cleaning techniques and equipment are best suited for your particular job.

Once we have effectively and thoroughly cleared your drain clog, we will use video inspection equipment to look inside your drains and pipes and make sure that there aren’t any other clogs or issues that might develop into major problems if left unchecked.

Whether you need maintenance drain cleaning or your drainage system has a clog, don’t hesitate to call our office today. Our phones are never answered by an automated system, always a live person, and from the first moment you contact us you will receive our signature professional and courteous customer care.