Best practices in maintaining my septic system

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What to do to take care of your Septic System.

I don’t mean to be crude but the best way to take care of your septic system is to take a poop and flush the toilet. It is your poop that is the key to maintaining your system. More poop and less water are what is best for your system. If you can space out your laundry to one load a day that helps to not stress the system. Run the dishwasher on your way to bed after all other water usage is done, again to not stress the system. Shorter showers are better but if you have a teenager just forget about asking. Having water saver faucets, fixtures, and toilets is helpful. They will also save stress on your well and water pump or water bill.

What not to do to take care of your Septic System.

Leftover medications could kill bacteria in your tank. Don’t flush them, dispose of them properly. Keep grease and fat out of your kitchen drain. Limit use of garbage disposal. Using a garbage disposal increases the amount of water and solids into your septic tank, requiring more frequent pumping. Doing all of your laundries on one day will stress the septic system. Use of bleach and other additives will harm the system. We recommend you use an all natural detergent and as little as possible. More is not better.

Research has found no benefit in septic tank function by using any type of septic system additives. In fact, some additives potentially could be detrimental to the function or components of the septic system or to groundwater quality. So don’t add Rid-X, sawdust, yeast, or any other fairy tale you hear will help your system. The best way to take care of your septic system is to take a poop and flush your toilet.

What about outside.

No heavy machinery should go on top of your septic tank or system. Certainly mowing your lawn will cause no harm. A properly maintained system will show no signs of being there. If you see bright green grass, a puddle, or depression those are signs of a problem.

If you have a problem with your Septic System.

Call Clint Plumbing and Septic Services can solve your septic problems.

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