Have you ever stopped to consider where the water goes after you pull to plug on your child’s bath? Or, what happens to the water that is rinsing down the drain while you are brushing your teeth after breakfast in the morning? For the most part, we take for granted that the water was available when we needed it and simply disappears down the hole in the sink, tub, or shower once we are done with it.

In fact, there is an intricate grouping of mechanics that all work together to form the drainage portion of your home’s plumbing system. The job of the drainage system is to divert used water from each fixture in your home and carry is all away to the main sewer line, which will take it to a water treatment and disposal site.

With such an important job, it is important to support your drainage system by being thoughtful of how much soap, grease, shaving cream, and other residue forming products you are rinsing down the drain. Additionally, it is important to make sure that the plumber you are hiring to provide repair, maintenance, or installation services for your drain system is experienced and knowledgeable.

Fortunately, the homeowners of Middletown can count on the superior plumbers at Call Clint Plumbing to provide expert drain cleaning services using the latest tools and techniques.

  • Continuous Cable Machines: While the operation of these machines is very similar to the sectional cable machines, they are much bulkier and weigh a lot more because the cable is all one piece and can extend to 100 feet or more. Because the technician is not required to fit several small pieces of cable together, these machines are typically much faster to use for clearing a clog.
  • Jetting: This is the process of feeding a long hose into your drain, which is equipped with tiny nozzles. Once the hose is in place the machine is turned on and water is sprayed from the nozzles at a very high pressure which breaks up and washes away all build-up and residue that has formed inside of your pipes. This process will effectively clear the blockage as well as return the condition of your pipes to like-new.
  • Sectional Cable Machines: These machines are very compact and don’t weigh much so they can be easily packed around. The idea is that several smaller sections of cable are coupled together to form a long hose, typically extended to 15 feet long. This cable is fed into the drainage system and pushes the clog through.

Because your drain system is complicated, there are a wide variety of circumstances that can cause a clog, and even more places within the system where the clog can form. Our team is so familiar with the complexities of various drain systems, we know exactly which piece of equipment or technique will best address the issue depending on the symptoms the system is showing.

This means that your clog will be expertly cleared, as quickly as possible, with as little disruption to your home and family as possible. Whether you’re drainage system is gurgling and you suspect a clog, or you would like a professional cleaning of your pipes and drain for maintenance, contact our office today. You will be courteously greeted by a member of our team, our phones are never answered by an automated system, and you will receive respectful and kind service from the first moment you contact us.