Once you have washed that sink full of dishes or brushed your teeth before bed, the water that rinses down the drain has to go somewhere. This used water is commonly referred to as “gray” water and is often full of various types of bacteria and waste. In fact, there is an entire section of your plumbing system that is designed specifically to divert this water away from your home and eventually to the main sewer line for disposal and treatment.

The drainage portion of your home’s plumbing system is just as complex and delicate as the rest of the system and there are many ways that it can break down and cause problems. For instance, when high volumes of health and beauty products, soap, and grease are rinsed into the drainage system from the various fixtures in your home clogs and blockages can form, which leave you at risk for an overflow of bacteria-laden water.

Fortunately, the reliable and professional plumbing technicians at Call Clint Plumbing have years of experience helping homeowners in Nanuet and surrounding areas with a wide variety of drain cleaning services.

Our well-trained and courteous plumbers are experts at operating all types of drain cleaning equipment, and have extensive knowledge on the various drain cleaning techniques that are the most effective. Using years of experience our team is able to assess the symptoms your drain system is showing and decide which equipment and technique will best and most effectively address your needs.

  • Jetting: This is the process of feeding a long hose into your drain, which is equipped with tiny nozzles. Once the hose is in place the machine is turned on and water is sprayed from the nozzles at a very high pressure which breaks up and washes away all build-up and residue that has formed inside of your pipes. This process will effectively clear the blockage as well as return the condition of your pipes to like-new.
  • Continuous Cable Machines: While the operation of these machines is very similar to the sectional cable machines, they are much bulkier and weigh a lot more because the cable is all one piece and can extend to 100 feet or more. Because the technician is not required to fit several small pieces of cable together, these machines are typically much faster to use for clearing a clog.
  • Sectional Cable Machines: These machines are very compact and don’t weigh much so they can be easily packed around. The idea is that several smaller sections of cable are coupled together to form a long hose, typically extended to 15 feet long. This cable is fed into the drainage system and pushes the clog through.

While there are various situations where each of these drain cleaning methods would be applicable, the most effective method of preventing drain clogs is proper maintenance. In fact, we recommend that you have a professional regularly clean your drainage system to avoid a clog and possible overflow of gray water.

If your drainage system hasn’t been maintenance cleaned for months or even years, or you currently have a clog that you need clearing, contact our office today. You will always be greeted by a friendly member of our staff and will begin receiving our signature courteous and professional service from the first moment we answer the phone. Each member of our team is dedicated to providing you with honest and respectful service because we want you to be our customer for good!