Often times, in rural or small communities, access to public sewer systems is not available. For these homes, having a septic system professional installed is a cost-effective and long-term solution for treating and disposing of wastewater.

A septic tank is one part of a septic system and is charged with holding the wastewater while a natural enzymatic process occurs to breakdown the waste. The efficiency of this process and the integrity of the tank rely largely on the volume of waste that comes into the tank along with the used water. For instance, large amounts of chemicals, health and beauty aids, and those materials that are not septic friendly, can disrupt the enzymatic breakdown and cause the tank to become flawed.

A major responsibility of homeowners with septic systems is to be thoughtful about what they are rinsing or flushing into the septic system. Another step that homeowners can take to ensure their septic system does not develop a major issue is to schedule annual service visits by a professional plumber.

Call Clint Plumbing has spent years providing superior septic system services to the homeowners of New City. We have extensive training in septic system mechanics and components and we know how to perform a thorough annual service call, while checking for signs of trouble so as to address them before they turn into a full-blown plumbing emergency.

During an annual septic service appointment an experienced and skilled member of our team will:

  • Check for signs of blockages or clogs. Our technician will check the entire system from start to finish and locate the issue so we can then repair it or provide you with options
  • Check the integrity of the tank. If your tank has been trying to manage materials that are not septic-friendly, there might be weakness in the walls of the tank. Also, if your tank is installed in loose soil and there has been any shifting, the lid or the seams of the tank may have shifted.
  • Measure solids. Your septic tank should be pumped once every 3 to 5 years. When our technician is conducting routine service he or she will check the amounts of solid waste inside of your septic tank and will advise you on a pumping schedule.

Because of the delicate nature of what septic systems do, the EPA must be notified when a septic leak occurs. According to their latest data, this happens every year in 20% of all septic systems. Having regular maintenance performed on your septic system will reduce the chances of this happening to your home.

If you need to schedule septic repair or maintenance, contact our office today. A friendly member of our team will take your call and you can discuss your questions or concerns. We also specialize in septic tank installations, and have the training and the equipment to easily manage those systems that include special circumstances. For instance, if your system is installed near a watershed or in loose soil there are additional rules that must be followed to protect the environment around your system. You can count on our team to have extensive knowledge on the subject and easily adhere to any applicable regulations.