Living in an area outside of the public water service area typically means having a well on your property in order to have access to clean water for your home. For many people, this trade-off is just part of the package when you live rurally.

A well is an on-site alternative for clean water when access to a public water system is unavailable. The structure is dug into the ground to the point where groundwater can be accessed, and then that water is pumped out of the well and to the home.

As a homeowner with an on-site well, it is important to be able to recognize the signs of a pending malfunction in order to contact a professional before the situation escalates.

Some of the things to look for in the case of a well pump going out or needing repair are:

  • Murky Water
  • Pump cycles too often or is constantly running
  • Pump runs but there is no water
  • Pump has short cycles and then cuts off

Luckily, if you notice any of these symptoms from your well system you can count on the expert plumbers at Call Clint Plumbing to quickly and efficiently assess the situation and provide you with the best next steps for repair. Our team has years of experience helping New City homeowners with all of their well and well equipment needs, and are trusted for providing honest and reliable service. In fact, we can provide superior maintenance, installation, and repair service no matter which type of well pump you currently have.

Types of Well Pumps

There are two types of well pumps that homeowners can choose from when having a new well pump installed: jet pumps and submersible pumps. Both are designed to pull water out of a well and make it available inside of the home, however, the way in which each of these pumps does this is very different.

The jet pump is installed above the ground and is favored in situations where the depth of the water in the well is fairly shallow. Conversely, a submersible is installed inside of the well underwater and uses pressure to push water up and out of the well. These systems are efficient regardless of the depth of the water in the well.

Maintenance is an important part of keeping your well and well equipment working properly. In fact, due to potential environmental impacts the National Groundwater Association recommends having your well and well equipment serviced annually. Don’t hesitate to contact our office if you need a maintenance appointment, each member of our team performs these service appointments on a regular basis and we are very thorough.

With years of experience and special training our team of expert plumbers are committed to making sure that each of our clients receives cutting edge service and exceptional customer care. We will always arrive at your property with the tools and equipment to get your job done right the first time. We understand how stressful any kind of plumbing service need can be and we are dedicated to alleviating that stress and making sure you receive service that far exceeds your expectations.