Any home can be configured to use a septic system, though they are most typically installed in homes that are in rural locations or those communities with less than 10,000 residents. These durable and cost-effective alternatives to public sewer access are designed to treat and dispose of wastewater on-site and contribute significantly to the preservation of important water resources while keeping you in compliance with the Clean Water Act.

Unfortunately, 20% of all septic systems fail each year because of neglect and improper use. When solid items that are non-biodegradable such as diapers, baby wipes, and feminine napkins are flushed down the toilet they can sit in the septic tank and permanently damage the environment of the tank, which will result in the need for having a new system installed. If harsh chemicals or cleaners are continuously rinsed down the drain, the pipes of your leach field could become corroded or cracked and eventually begin leaking toxic waste into the soil on your property.

The best way to avoid a malfunction in your septic system is to have your system serviced annually by a professional plumber. At Call Clint Plumbing we have been providing septic maintenance services to New Paltz area homeowners for years. Your septic system manages some very delicate materials and the mechanics of the system are highly regulated. Our team has extensive training in septic systems and is well-versed in the various scenarios that can arise.

During a routine septic maintenance appointment our technicians will:

  • Check the integrity of the tank. If non-biodegradable materials are flushed down the toilet or rinsed down the drain and diverted to the septic tank, they can begin to weaken the integrity of the tank and cause cracks or leaks. Also, if your septic tank is installed in poor or loose soil any disruption to the soil can cause the tank to shift and the lid could possibly crack or dislodge.
  • Check for signs of blockages or clogs. If your system is showing signs of poor water flow, foul odors, or backup of sewage in your basins you likely have a clog or blockage. Our technician will check the entire system from start to finish and locate the issue so we can then repair it or provide you with options
  • Measure solids. Your septic tank should be pumped once every 3 to 5 years depending on the volume of waste that is generated by your household. During a routine maintenance appointment our technician will measure the level of solids in your tank and provide you with a pump schedule

Whether you need annual service to your septic system, repair services, or a new septic system installed, don’t hesitate to contact our office. Our team has years of experience and training working with all different types, sizes, and ages of septic systems.

We are experts in providing service for those systems that have additional rules and regulations due to being installed in difficult conditions such as near watersheds, on small lots, or in poor soil. No matter what the circumstances or the needs are, our team can provide you with outstanding septic system support and superior customer care.