Buried under your patio, driveway, and landscaping are two sections of your plumbing system that are essential to your daily tasks. One of these sections brings clean water to your home for use in your shower, sink, and toilet. The other section is comprised of the pipes and components that take that used water from each of the fixtures and carries is to the septic system or the public sewer access point.

The environment that these two parts of your plumbing system exist in can be harsh, leaving them vulnerable to breakdowns. For instance, when a plumbing system is installed in the ground it is possible for the soil it is buried in to shift with time. When the soil shifts, so does the plumbing system and this can lead to couplings coming loose or cracks in the pipes themselves.

Anytime there is a breakdown in your underground plumbing system you are going to notice it in your home first. Toilets will stop flushing, drains will drain very slowly or not at all, the impact can be quite significant. This situation can be distressing and having it assessed by a licensed and professional plumber immediately is essential to a positive outcome.

Homeowners of New Paltz have trusted the experts at Call Clint Plumbing for years with all of their underground plumbing needs. One service that we provide for addressing underground plumbing repair that is especially attractive to homeowners is trenchless pipe repair. Using a trenchless approach to repairing and replacing underground pipes includes the following advantages:

  • Preserves your garden, lawn, landscaping, driveway, and patio saving you the extra time and money of repairing and replacing these items after the pipe has been fixed.
  • Far less intrusive to you, your family, and your property. Our team is on-site for usually no more than one day, there is not large amounts of noisy digging equipment, and your property is left just as it was before we arrived.
  • Because there is no digging or heavy equipment involved, a trenchless pipe repair job can typically be completed in no more than one day. This allows you and your family to get on with more important things.
  • Pipes repaired or replaced by trenchless pipe repair methods are permanent and compliant with regulations and industry standards

Each member of our team has extensive training and experience in assessing the various conditions of underground pipe repair jobs and can provide you with options for methods of repair that will be the most beneficial and cost-effective for you and your property.

There are various methods for trenchless pipe repair and our team are experts in them all. We specialize in pipe bursting and pipe lining, and have the knowledge to decide which will provide the best solution for the specific job.

When you contact our office to discuss the symptoms you are seeing from your plumbing system, you will always be greeted by a friendly and helpful member of our team. We are dedicated to making you a customer for life and that means providing exceptional customer care from the first moment you contact us!