When you live in a rural area it can be very secluded and relaxing. Avoiding the chaos of a big city for something a little simpler can be very inviting for some people. However, rural living often comes with no access to the public water system and therefore the need to have a well on your property.

A well is a system that replaces the need to be connected to public water as it provides access to clean water right from the ground on your property. A well is dug deep into the ground until water is found and then a structure is built to contain that water. The next step is to install a well pump, which works to transport the water from the well to the home.

While this is a very simple explanation, the mechanics involved for getting the water from the well to the home can be very complex and are also subject to interruption or breakdown due to the environment around them. Some of the signs you might notice if your well pump starts to malfunction are:

  • Murky Water
  • Pump cycles too often or is constantly running
  • Pump runs but there is no water
  • Pump has short cycles and then cuts off

The highly-trained plumbers at Call Clint Plumbing have years of experience providing New Paltz residents with superior well and well equipment service. In fact, we have the skills and the special equipment to easily assess all of these signs and more to determine what the issue might be and provide options for repair or even installation of a new pump. We can provide support for all types of well pumps.

Types of Well Pumps

Well pumps come in two main categories: jet pumps and submersible pumps. Both types of pumps are meant to do the same thing, which is to take water from the well and get it to the home. However, the way in which each of these types of pumps does that is quite different. For instance, a jet pump is installed outside of the well and, while they can be used for both shallow and deep wells, they are more efficient in wells that are shallow.

As a different option, the submersible well pumps are installed inside of the pump and completely under water. They use pressure to force water up and out of the well and to the home. Submersible pumps can be used regardless of how deep the well is and produce a water pressure in the home that is 30% stronger than that of a jet pump.

Whether you need maintenance, repair, or installation of a well or well equipment our team of exceptional plumbers can help. Each member of our team has extensive knowledge and experience of all well and well equipment technology and techniques. In fact, we have invested in special trucks and equipment to help with all of your well and well equipment service needs.