With all of the tasks we have to get done in a day, it’s really no surprise that we spend very little if any time thinking about what we are rinsing down the drain. In fact, the majority of the draining system in our home is hidden under the ground and behind walls, making it unlikely to ever cross our minds – unless there is a malfunction.

When we rinse large amounts of health and beauty products, grease, and soap down the drains in our home this usually leads to clogs and blockages. Once in the pipes, many of these products will sit and solidify into a residue that forms into the shape of your pipes and clogs them.

Your drainage system is a complicated grouping of various pipes, traps, and components that are all designed to work in synergy to keep the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry rooms of your home free from overflowing gray water. To help support this system, it is important that you and your family stay mindful of what you are rinsing down the drains.

Also, making sure that the professional plumber that you hire to provide maintenance, repair, and installation services for your drain system is well-versed in all of the latest plumbing technology and equipment.

  • Continuous Cable Machines: While the operation of these machines is very similar to the sectional cable machines, they are much bulkier and weigh a lot more because the cable is all one piece and can extend to 100 feet or more. Because the technician is not required to fit several small pieces of cable together, these machines are typically much faster to use for clearing a clog.
  • Jetting: This is the process of feeding a long hose into your drain, which is equipped with tiny nozzles. Once the hose is in place the machine is turned on and water is sprayed from the nozzles at a very high pressure which breaks up and washes away all build-up and residue that has formed inside of your pipes. This process will effectively clear the blockage as well as return the condition of your pipes to like-new.
  • Sectional Cable Machines: These machines are very compact and don’t weigh much so they can be easily packed around. The idea is that several smaller sections of cable are coupled together to form a long hose, typically extended to 15 feet long. This cable is fed into the drainage system and pushes the clog through.

The team at Call Clint Plumbing has years of training and experience with each of these pieces of equipment and more. We maintain extensive knowledge on the operations of all plumbing equipment and we know which situations call for which techniques or tools. In fact, the homeowners of Newburgh have trusted our drain cleaning services for years.

Whether you currently have a drain blockage that you need clearing, or you would like to schedule professional maintenance to keep your drainage system in top working order, we are happy to help. Each member of our team is committed to making sure the service that you receive is second to none, and we will work hard to go above and beyond any expectations that you might have.

When our signature red van arrives at your location you can trust that we have brought with us the right equipment and training to thoroughly address your draining cleaning needs the first time!