Living in a rural community usually means not having access to a public water system, but rather having a well installed on your property. While having a well is a terrific alternative when public water is not accessible, it also means that it is completely up to you to make sure your well and well equipment are always in top working order.

Thankfully, homeowners in Newburgh can count on the expert plumbers at Call Clint Plumbing for exceptional well and well equipment service. With years of experience and training our team can easily inspect and diagnose any issues that you are having and provide you with options that will be long-lasting and budget-friendly.

If you are noticing any issues with your indoor plumbing in conjunction with any of the following, don’t hesitate to call our office immediately:

  • Murky Water
  • Pump cycles too often or is constantly running
  • Pump runs but there is no water
  • Pump has short cycles and then cuts off

We will arrive at your location as scheduled with the right equipment and experience to assess all of these issues and more and determine what the cause of the problem is. Next, we can provide you with options for the next best steps whether it be repair or replacement. Our exceptional plumbers can provide installation and repair services for all types of well pumps.

Types of Well Pumps

While it used to be that there was only one type of well pump, now homeowners have two options: submersible and jet pump. The idea behind both types is the same, however, the inner-workings of each is much different.

A jet pump is installed above the ground and uses suction to draw the water out of the well through either one or two pipes. These units are the traditional option and are usually regarded as less efficient, although, if the depth of your well is very shallow these pumps can be quite efficient.

A submersible pump is actually installed inside of the well almost on the bottom underwater and uses pressure to push water out of the well and to the home. These units are the more modern option of the two and are equally efficient regardless of the depth of the well water.

Our team of highly-skilled plumbers have the special equipment and training to install or repair a well and any repair equipment. Additionally, we provide thorough maintenance services for all well equipment and well structures. This process helps to identify any areas of vulnerability before they escalate to something bigger, and is in fact recommended on an annual basis. Our signature annual service visits will include:

  • A flow test to determine how strong the water is coming out and give clues about how the pump motor is performing.
  • An inspection of the equipment to make sure there isn’t any corrosion and everything is up to code.
  • A test of the water to check for bacteria and levels of mineral deposits and sulfides.

Thorough maintenance of your well and well equipment not only provides you with information but, also peace of mind. Don’t hesitate to contact our office to schedule your maintenance appointment. Many of our clients come back to us year after year for their annual well service appointments because we provide superior well and well equipment service, along with outstanding customer care. We are committed to making you a customer for life and that means providing you with support that far exceeds your expectations.