Out of Site out of Mind – My Septic System

Yes, it’s under there. That beautiful lawn, and Septic System, in the Hudson Valley, is quietly taking all of the waste your house produces, treating it, and disposing of it, all day, every day, without you ever having to think about it. We pretend it is not there and that we don’t depend on it. Like the roof on our house, we can’t survive without a functioning septic system. If you are on Town sewers you have to think about the pipe to the street. If you are on a private SDS, sewage disposal system, you have to think about the whole system. The systems are for the most part very simple and require very little care. They have a design life of 30 years but can last longer, or indefinitely, if you take care of them. The best thing for your septic system is to have a bowel movement, take a crap, and flush the toilet. Your waste provides everything your system needs to function. Do not add anything else. No yeast, no products promising miraculous results, no anything, just your poop.

On my next post, we will talk about the ramifications of everything else you flush down your toilets.


A Beautiful Lawn with a Septic System underneath it.
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