Knowing which plumbing service can be trusted to provide cost-effective and reliable service can be difficult. With so many choices and options, it is hard to pick one and feel safe that your plumbing need is going to be fulfilled and your money well spent.

This is especially true if your need for a plumber is immediate because your plumbing is showing signs of needing service or, there is an emergency. In these cases, you don’t necessarily have the luxury of time to research and get references.

At Call Clint Plumbing of Peekskill we never want you to feel like you are compromising quality for cost. In fact, our priority in business is to provide each one of our customers with the best plumbing solutions and techniques available, exceptional customer care, and budget-friendly prices. We want each of our customers to be a customer for life, so when any aspect of your plumbing needs service, you know just who to call:

We can handle all of your residential and commercial plumbing issues, including:

  • Drain Pipes
  • Thawing Frozen Pipes
  • Emergency Commercial Plumbing
  • Installation and Upgrades
  • System Maintenance and Cleaning
  • Plumbing Camera Inspection
  • Diagnosis and Checkup
  • Clogged Drains
  • Leaks
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Sewage Backups
  • Damaged Sewer Lines
  • Water Heater Installation
  • Toilets
  • Emergency Residential Plumbing

Drain Cleaning
Drain clogs are a fairly common occurrence, there are many drains in your home and each one of them is used several times per day so the volume of wear and tear is pretty high. The type and locations of a drain clog can vary greatly depending on what the plumbing fixture where it is located is used for. For instance, in the kitchen sink things like grease, soap, and food particles can cause large clogs that block several inches of one section of pipe. Our team has various pieces of drain cleaning equipment to address all types of clogs.

Septic Systems
A septic system requires some extra thought as far as what should be flushed down the toilet or rinsed down the drain in your home. All of the waste and wastewater that is generated by your household goes through your septic system, and that means keeping regular maintenance appointments and using septic-friendly products. Our plumbers can help by providing you with information about proper septic care, and plumbing support for repair, maintenance, and installation needs.

Trenchless Pipe Repair
Trenchless pipe repair is a versatile approach to repairing and replacing sections of your underground plumbing system without needing to dig on your property. When you invest time and money into landscaping, patios, and driveways you want to make sure that they are persevered and taken care of. If your plumbing system is buried under these areas, we can still provide you with industry standard repair and replacement services without the need to disrupt any of your property.

Wells and Well Equipment
A well is a fairly complicated plumbing system that requires support from a professional plumber who has experience. The pump and plumbing fixtures that work to transport water from the well to the home come in a variety of types and models and our team has extensive knowledge on all of them. There are various government entities that require annual service for your well to check for groundwater contamination and our plumbers can provide this service with ease.

The team at Call Clint Plumbing has been trusted for years by homeowners in areas like Rhinebeck, Fishkill, Poughkeepsie, Cold Spring, Brewster, Peekskill, Mt. Kisco, New Paltz and more! We provide thorough plumbing support for a wide variety of needs and we do so with a high-level of commitment to customer care. You will always be treated with respect by each member of our team, and you will never be charged anything extra if we provide support during the night, weekend, or holiday time. Our team of experts are dedicated to making sure that our customers know that when they choose us for their plumbing support – they have made the best choice!