Pipe Repair, Pipe Replacement
Old Pipes can be a problem

We all rely on pipes. Initially, I think of pipes for smoking and more enjoyable, pipes for pipe organs. I don’t know anything about those kinds of pipes. I do know about pipe repair, replacement, upgrade, and installation. When pipes are new we don’t have any problems unless we abuse them. When they are old we still don’t have many problems.

Pipes are made in Cast Iron, Copper, PVC, ABS, Cement, Asbestos, Clay, HDPE, PEX, Stainless Steel, and many other materials. Each material has its own advantages, disadvantages and applications. Each material has its own method of repair, replacement, and installation.

If your pipes begin to leak or break make sure you find out why. I have been in houses where there are many patches and no one ever discussed with the homeowner what the root cause was. The solution was less expensive than repairing all of the leaks not even considering all of the floods they had to clean up.

Make sure to call a professional as soon as you discover the problem. I promise you it will only get worse.