Pleasant Valley Drain Cleaning Experts

As we are moving throughout our day, completing the many tasks that we are responsible for, it is uncommon that we spend much time thinking about what we are throwing in the garbage or rinsing down the drain. On any given day tasks like preparing meals, washing dishes, and various grooming activities are done on auto-pilot. It is only when there is a malfunction with our plumbing that we might stop in our tracks and pay attention to what is going on. Unfortunately, this suddenly realization comes with the added stress of a plumbing breakdown.

Thankfully, the highly-trained plumbers at Call Clint Plumbing have the skills and the experience to diagnose and repair any drain cleaning needs you have. Our team helps home and business owners anywhere from Pleasant Valley to New City to Brewster and more!

There are many reasons that your drains might develop a clog. In fact, sometimes a foreign object is flushed down the toilet or rinsed into the sink. However, the number one reason for a drain clog is ignoring the regular maintenance needs of your drains.

Some on-going preventative steps that you can take to keep your drains in proper working order include:

Hot Water: For kitchen and bathroom sinks, and tub/shower drains you can plug the drain and fill the basin with hot water and then let it drain. This process will fill the drain pipe with hot water and loosen any debris that is stuck. Also, the pressure of the full basin of water will push any residue that is in the line through to the main sewer line and away from your home.

Don’t Use Chemicals: It is not recommended that you use any harsh over the counter drain cleaning chemicals in your drains. These liquids can cause your pipes to corrode and weaken, eventually leading to cracks and breaks. Not to mention the damage they can cause to the tank if you have a septic system.

Drain Covers: An easy way to minimize the chances of a clog developing in your drains is to install drain screens or covers. These are designed to allow water and other liquids to move through while catching large particles like food and hair. You can then throw what is caught in the screen away in the garbage can.If you start to notice a gurgling sound or bad smell coming from a sink, or water backing up out of the drain and filling the basin don’t hesitate to contact the professional and skilled plumbing team at Call Clint Plumbing of Pleasant Valley  . Our vans are each fully-stocked with various tools to locate and clear any drain cleaning issue you may confront.

The plumbing system of your Pleasant Valley home or business is complex and there are many places where the clog itself could be located. Call Clint Plumbing of Pleasant Valley technicians have the experience and the training to inspect your entire plumbing system and quickly diagnose the extent of the blockage and repair it. No job is too big or too small, and we apply the same exceptional level of expertise and professionalism to every assignment!