When it comes time to wash a sink full of dishes, the priority is to get through it as quickly as possible. Typically, this means very little thought spent on what we are rinsing down the drain or into the garbage disposal. In other rooms of the house, tasks like grooming and brushing our teeth are done by each member of the household without any thought about how shaving cream and soap can quickly cause a blocked or clogged drain.

Luckily, the expert plumbing team at Call Clint Plumbing has the experience and the skills to quickly assess and repair any drain troubles that you are having. Our team has been trusted by the homeowners of Poughkeepsie and all over the Hudson Valley for years to provide outstanding drain cleaning service.

There are various circumstances that will cause a drain in your home to become clogged. Everything from non-flushable paper products being flushed down the toilet to too much food and grease being rinsed down the kitchen sink. However, most drain clogs happen because of improper maintenance.

Some tips you can follow and do yourself to maintain proper water flow through your drains are:

  • Boiling Water: For the drains in your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room you can put a plug over the drain and fill the sink/tub/shower with boiling hot water. Then remove the plug, being careful not to scald yourself on the water, and allow the basin-full of boiling water to rinse down the drain. The temperature of the water allows residue in the pipes and drain to soften and the pressure of the basin-full of water moves the loosened residue through.
  • Overuse of Chemicals: While the ease of use and sourcing of over the counter drain cleaners might be enticing, these products will typically cause more harm than good when used for maintenance. They are highly corrosive to your pipes and can cause weakening, which will eventually lead to breaks.
  • Drain Covers: These nifty little inventions are an inexpensive and easy way to protect your drains from developing clogs, especially in the bathroom. The number one cause for drain clogs in the bathroom is hair, and drain covers will trap the hair before it rinses down the drain so that it can be thrown into the garbage.

If you notice water coming back up your drain, or a bad smell or gurgling sound coming from the sink call our office immediately. In the kitchen, this gray water can be filled with the dangerous bacteria Salmonella, which can cause a dangerous situation for you and your family.

Our highly-skilled plumbers have the equipment and the extensive training to quickly locate where in your plumbing system the clog is located and apply the proper and most effective plumbing procedure to clear it. We understand that it is not an option for you to not have the use of any of the drains in your home and will make sure to address your drain cleaning needs quickly and thoroughly the first time!