Protect Your Water Heater This Winter With These Tips

33812341_sMost people don’t think about their water heater during the warm weather months because the hot water comes out and there is nothing to worry about.

However, during the winter months your hot water really takes a beating and could even have a major fail.

Here are a couple of ways that you can ensure that your water heater survives the winter and provides you with hot water when you need it:

  • Head over to your local home improvement or hardware store and grab an insulated blanket or water heater tank sleeve. The purpose of these items are to protect your water heater tank and buffer it from the cold weather. When your water heater tank gets too cold, it is unable to keep the water inside of it hot and then the heating element has to work that much harder. This extra wear and tear can easily lead to a water heater breakdown.
  • Call a professional plumber for a maintenance appointment. If you haven’t had your water heater professionally serviced this year – now is the time to do that. A properly maintained water heater is the best way to ensure that things work properly and that you have a reliable source of hot water.
  • Add a reminder to your calendar to look at your water heater on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to ensure that the system is working properly and there aren’t any obvious signs of damage or trouble. For instance, if you walk around your water heater tank and notice a puddle of water forming on the ground underneath it – you can call for support from a professional plumber before the tank bursts and floods your home.

Your water heater is a vital piece of your plumbing system and especially important during the winter months. Make sure to follow these tips and get your water heater in top condition before the cold weather hits.


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