Imagine you have just downloaded a book onto your Kindle that you have been dying to read. You’ve got the perfect spot on the couch all picked out and you’re going to start your book as soon as the dinner clean-up and bath time activities are finished. You head upstairs to fill the bath with water just in time to see your toddler flush a toy car down the toilet. Suddenly, the toilet bowl is flooding water all over the bathroom floor and your toddler is screaming because he just lost his favorite toy care. This is one chapter that you are not interested in reading!

Nothing to worry about! You’ve got the number for the best plumbers in the Hudson Valley and we are available to provide you with expert emergency plumbing services no matter what time of the day or night you need us! Each member of the team at Call Clint Plumbing of Rhinebeck is a dedicated professional plumber, who believes in not only bringing a high-level of skill and experience to each job, but also an exceptional commitment to outstanding customer care.

We always deliver our emergency plumbing services without charging extra fees or overtime rates, because we know that plumbing issues don’t tell time and inevitably will not happen during normal business hours. That is just part of the business and something that we accept! We always treat our customers and their homes with respect, by arriving as scheduled and cleaning up after ourselves when we are done. The only evidence you will have that we were ever there is a plumbing system that is working better than ever!

Some effective ways that you can immediately address a plumbing emergency are:

  1. Contact our office immediately: In the walls and under the floor of your home is a whole other part of your plumbing system that you never see. A leaking faucet or toilet that won’t flush can be just a symptom of a much bigger problem elsewhere in the system that needs to be addressed. It is never recommended to let a seemingly minor plumbing issue wait for service.
  2. Turn off the main water source: Whether you are using it or not, water is constantly in the water pipes of your plumbing system. This is a bad thing only when there is a leak or break in a pipe as the water will keep coming until it is turned off. Make sure that you and all of your family members know where the main water shut off valve is outside of your house.
  3. Turn off the water supply to the affected fixture: Your toilet, sinks, and other fixtures have their own individual valves that disconnect then from the rest of the plumbing system. Depending on the issue, it might not be necessary to turn the main water off and instead just turn off the water to the fixture.

From the first moment that you contact our office you will receive excellent support and care. We always have a live person answer our phones who can help to assess your situation and provide you with an expected time of arrive for our dispatched plumber. We know the stress that you are feeling during a plumbing emergency and we are dedicated to alleviating that stress. We want you to associate our red vans with peace of mind and reassurance that, no matter what your plumbing issue is, it will be effectively and efficiently addressed.