There are two important portions of your plumbing system that are actually buried under the ground near your house. One of these sections is configured to bring clean water to the fixtures of your home and the other is configured to carry used water away. With the pipes, valves, and couplings of these systems being buried in the ground they can often times succumb to their surroundings.

For instance, the system designed to carry waste and wastewater to your septic system or public sewer access contains both water and nutrients that trees look for. The roots of the trees on your property will grow towards this source of sustenance and can actually begin to grow inside of your pipes causing clogs and broken pipes.

When a broken pipe or clog occurs in your underground plumbing system the best way to access and repair this issue it through trenchless pipe repair. This process allows repair or replacement of the section of pipe that is affected without the need to dig up your property.

There are many advantages to trenchless pipe repair:

  • Preserves your garden, lawn, landscaping, driveway, and patio saving you the extra time and money of repairing and replacing these items after the pipe has been fixed.
  • Far less intrusive to you, your family, and your property. Our team is on-site for usually no more than one day, there is not large amounts of noisy digging equipment, and your property is left just as it was before we arrived.
  • Because there is no digging or heavy equipment involved, a trenchless pipe repair job can typically be completed in no more than one day. This allows you and your family to get on with more important things.
  • Pipes repaired or replaced by trenchless pipe repair methods are permanent and compliant with regulations and industry standards

The dedicated team of plumbing experts at Call Clint Plumbing has invested in the specialized training and equipment to perform various types of trenchless pipe repair methods, including pipe lining and pipe bursting. Each member of our team maintains extensive knowledge on all underground plumbing conditions and can easily assess and recommend the method of trenchless pipe repair that will best serve your needs.

If you notice any trouble with your plumbing don’t hesitate to contact our office to discuss the symptoms you are seeing. While sometimes the issue is relatively small and can be easily addressed, other times it involves a malfunction with your underground plumbing and should be inspected by a professional immediately.

You can count on our team to arrive at your home as scheduled with the right tools and training to get the job done right. Each of our signature red vans is equipped with video camera inspection technology to thoroughly investigate the condition of your underground plumbing and determine exactly where the trouble lies and what the options for repair are.