When a home is built in an area that is remote or in a small community, often times access to a public water system is not available. For these homes it is necessary to have a well installed on the property so that members of the household have clean water for tasks such as washing their hands and flushing the toilet.

Well are essentially tunnels that are drilled into the ground and go deep enough that groundwater is accessed. Once this water is found the well is built around it to contain it and a pump is installed to move the water from the well and to the home as needed.

Well pumps and the other components necessary to get the water from the well to the home are complex systems all having to work together to make sure that the health of the well is maintained and the water gets from the well to the home. Some of the symptoms you might notice if your well pump is beginning to give out or needs repair are:

  • Murky Water
  • Pump cycles too often or is constantly running
  • Pump runs but there is no water
  • Pump has short cycles and then cuts off

Luckily, the experts at Call Clint Plumbing have extensive training and experience working on wells and well equipment and have provided outstanding service to Rhinebeck area homeowners for many years. In fact, each member of our team has extensive knowledge about a wide variety of types, makes and models of well pumps.

Jet Pump

Many homes are equipped with jet pumps as these used to be the only option for pumping water from a well. Typically, you will find a jet pump installed in the basement of a home and configured with either one pipe to the well or two. These pumps are generally considered a less efficient method for pumping well water.

Submersible Pump

Submersible pumps are the more modern type of well pump and are considered more efficient than jet pumps. These systems are designed to float in the water of the well and push water out of the well and to the home. Because these pumps have direct access to the well water they eliminate the need for it to be drawn out of the well to another location making them more efficient.

All complex mechanical equipment should have regular maintenance service, and the pump for your well is no different. Actually, the well equipment and the well itself should be inspected on an annual basis to ensure the longevity and health of the entire system. Our team provides thorough maintenance service that includes:

  • A flow test to determine how strong the water is coming out and give clues about how the pump motor is performing.
  • An inspection of the equipment to make sure there isn’t any corrosion and everything is up to code.
  • A test of the water to check for bacteria and levels of mineral deposits and sulfides.

Well systems are essential to keeping the productivity of a household moving forward, and they are complicated groupings of different equipment and components. Keeping your well and well equipment in top working order is an important responsibility and each member of our team is dedicated to helping you achieve this. We can provide annual maintenance service along with the latest in repair and installation technology for all wells and well equipment.