While a septic systems job is to disburse effluent into the ground septic systems do not love too much groundwater. Septic System Repairs can be costly. Groundwater can come from below the Septic System or from above it. If we get a tremendous amount of rain, in some areas, the level of the water in the ground can rise. If it rises to the level of your septic system it will flood the system. During these large rain events, groundwater can come from runoff and impervious areas on your property like blacktop. It is important to keep water from flooding your system to prevent costly repairs. While most systems will recover and you will never know it happened it also could cause a backup into your house. Many people recommend limiting water usage during large rain events. I say if you have a problem then limit if you don’t have a problem then don’t worry about it. While septic systems do not love water they are also very forgiving and oversized. Prevent what can become costly Septic System Repairs, call Call Clint Plumbing & Septic Services today for a careful review of your system.