Professional Water Heater Services in Poughkeepsie, Peekskill, Mount Kisco, Mahopac, and Surrounding Towns in the Hudson Valley, NY. Going without hot water or noticing that your water has rust can throw your day off. Fortunately, you can always count on Call Clint Plumbing & Septic Services to send out a professional and friendly technician to diagnose the issue. The Hudson Valley plumbing company can take care of all your water heater repair and water heater maintenance needs in Poughkeepsie, Newburgh, Peekskill, Mount Kisco and the entire Hudson Valley!

When you’re not sure what’s going on but think that something may be wrong, give us a call.

Maintenance of Water Heaters (photo of the inside of a tank)
Your water heater should be checked annually for signs of corrosion, leaks and external rust. A quick check-up could save you thousands of dollars in repairs and replacements. Neglect, rust and sediment and high water pressure can all affect the effectiveness of your unit.

Keep the tank clean. You should drain and flush it annually to prevent corrosion and build-up of mineral deposits from hard water. Additionally, you should check the anode rod yearly as well to ensure the rod is not corroded. In doing this annual check-up will increase the lifespan of your water heater. These are just a few things our professional plumbers will do when they inspect your unit (s).

Take the time to have your water heater checked by a professional to ensure an efficient, effective water heater for your home. Scheduling an annual appointment with a technician is a great way to stay on top of maintenance and become aware of any problems before they become large and costly. Our courteous plumbers will recommend the best preventive water heater maintenance or repairs without selling you unnecessary services or upgrades.

Water Heater Installation The Hudson Valley
Water heater installation can be a tedious process, which is why it is essential to have a professional and licensed plumber to install your water heater. With over thirty years of water heater installation, repair and maintenance experience you can rest assure you are in the best hands in the valley!

Let’s face it a broken water heater can be overwhelming to any residence or business owner. However, there are some signs that your water heater may be sending you before it goes out.

  • Leaks can be one of the most visible signs your water heater is sending. A small leak or standing puddle can be repaired, however, at times it might need to be replaced.
  • Water temperature that adjusts is another sign you may need to have it looked at.
  • How long does your hot water stay hot and does it meet your needs?
  • This is the only time it’s appropriate to ask about age!! How old is your water heater? Water heaters on average can last up to 8 years.
  • Have you noticed rust or odors?
    With questioning or remembering what signs your water heater has been giving you may avoid a broken water heater in the future.

Whether you need a water heater replaced or simply an annual check-up Call Clint Plumbing is the only plumber you need to call! With the latest and greatest selection of water heaters and our trained professional and licensed plumbers, we can handle all your needs.

You can call Clint Plumbing for service & installation on all kinds of water heaters, including all conventional, electric and tankless varieties. Our expert plumbers are available to service water heaters in Middletown, New City, Kingston, Brewster, Mahopac, New Paltz, and surrounding areas throughout the Hudson Valley.

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