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Need well pump repair or replacement in the Hudson Valley? If you are not connected to city water systems, then a well pump is your only source of water to your home. If it works poorly or breaks altogether, life at home can come to a grinding halt.

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Well Pump Problems

The most obvious and severe problem that may occur with your well pump is that it simply stops working. This could be due to any number of mechanical or electronic failures.

  • There are other problems and warning signs that may indicate that you need some professional well pump repair or a well pump replacement.
  • Weak or insufficient water pressure and volume
  • Murky water
  • Pump constantly cycles, or cycles too frequently
  • The water flows intermittently or in spurts, rather than a constant stream
  • The pump runs but no water comes out

Any of these problems, or a combination of them, could indicate that you need well pump repair.

Types of Well PumpsWell Pump | Hudson Valley | Call Clint PlumbingAs a general rule, there are two different types of well pumps for residential homes. It is essential to know which type you have because the information will be valuable when you schedule an appointment for well pump repair or begin shopping for a replacement well pump.

Jet Pump: A jet pump is found in the basement of your home and comes in two varieties, shallow and deep. A shallow jet pump will have a single pipe going to the well and a deep jet pump will have two. A jet well pump is often used in concert with a pressure tank. Your problem could lie in the pump, the tank, or potentially in the pipes leading into the well.

Submersible Well Pump: A submersible well pump is placed inside of your well and lowered until it is submerged in water. Submersible well pump repair often involves pulling your main water pipe out of the ground at the wellhead to access the submersible pump. Then a professional can troubleshoot the issue and decide if repair is an option or if you need a well pump replacement.

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