Clogged Drain Repair & Drain Cleaning Services in White Plains NY

Buried in the ground, hidden in the walls, and tucked away in cupboards are various portions of your plumbing system that are designed to both bring clean water in, and carry used water away. While each of these sections of the system have very different jobs, they rely on each other to be working properly to avoid a major malfunction with the whole system.

The drainage system is the portion that is tasked with carrying used water away from your home. This section is very important as the used water can be filled with bacteria, which if it begins to overflow can cause unhealthy conditions for you and your family.

One major aspect to keeping your drainage system in good working order is to avoid clogs or blockages. These can form when grease, food, soap, and health and beauty products are rinsed down the drain and left to solidify in the pipes. The result can be a plaster type material that binds to the inside of your pipes and restricts the flow of water until it stops all together.

For years, the reliable plumbers at Call Clint Plumbing have been trusted by White Plains residents to provide superior drain cleaning services. At the first sign of a gurgling noise or a bad smell coming from the drain, contact our office and we will dispatch a well-trained plumbing technician who will arrive with a variety of drain cleaning equipment and the right training to operate it.

  • Jetting: A jetting machine uses highly pressurized water to move a clog through the pipe. This system involves threading a hose into the drain and then spraying water through tiny nozzles to breakup any residue, corrosion, or blockage from the inside lining of your pipes. This process will effectively clear the blockage as well as return the condition of your pipes to like-new.
  • Sectional Cable Machines: These systems use several sections of cables that extend up to 15 feet in length to feed into the drain and rotate in a scrubbing motion to release any materials that are forming the clog. These machines are easily transported and work well in small spaces, however, they are not always the best tool for the job as they take a little longer to clean the pipe because the plumber has to attach and unattach the sections of cable. The machine itself is compact and easily transported.
  • Continuous Cable Machines: These systems have a continuous cable, usually extending up to 100 feet or more, and does not require additional sections of cable. They are bulkier and much heavier to transport, however, they work quickly to reach the clog and move it through.

While each of these drain cleaning tools are very effective at clearing a clog, the best way to reduce the chances of a clog forming in the first place is maintenance. In fact, we recommend having your drain system professionally cleaned on a regular basis as part of a regular maintenance routine. During these visits we will inspect your plumbing system using video inspection equipment to identify any minor issues that can be addressed before they escalate into major problems.

Whether you are in need of drain cleaning services to clear a blockage or for maintenance, our team is here to help. We are dedicated to developing long-lasting relationships with our clients based on honesty and reliability. You can count on us to treat you and your home with care and respect, always wearing protective shoe coverings and cleaning up our work area before we leave.