A septic system basically consists of two parts that work together to treat the wastewater that is created by a family. This treatment occurs on-site in the septic tank, via a process of bacteria and enzymes, which break down the waste. While the solids stay in the tank, the treated liquid diverts from the tank and into the pipes of the drain field to be dispersed into the soil and surrounding environment.

Septic systems are a terrific alternative for treating wastewater when there is no access to a public sewer system. This is typically the case for homes that are located in a rural area or in a very small community where public sewer access has not been configured.

The design and construction of septic systems are meant for longevity and durability. However, the integrity of the system is highly dependent on proper upkeep and maintenance. Part of this upkeep is only flushing and rinsing materials into the septic tank that are friendly to the environment. High volumes of non-biodegradable health and beauty aids or highly-acidic cleaning chemicals will permanently alter the enzymatic response in the tank and could lead to the need for a new system to be installed.

Proper maintenance means having a professional plumber visit your home and service your septic system. These service visits will include:

  • Check for signs of blockages or clogs. Our technician will check the entire system from start to finish and locate the issue so we can then repair it or provide you with options
  • Measure solids. Your septic tank should be pumped once every 3 to 5 years. When our technician is conducting routine service he or she will check the amounts of solid waste inside of your septic tank and will advise you on a pumping schedule.
  • Check the integrity of the tank. If your tank has been trying to manage materials that are not septic-friendly, there might be weakness in the walls of the tank. Also, if your tank is installed in loose soil and there has been any shifting, the lid or the seams of the tank may have shifted.

If you live in the White Plains area and your septic system has not received a maintenance visit in more than a year, contact our office today to schedule your appointment. Annual maintenance appointments are the best way to avoid a septic breakdown and our technicians are highly-experienced in all scenarios that may arise during a maintenance visit. If any issues are identified, each plumber on our team has the equipment and the training to address the issue before it escalates into a major problem.

You can count on our plumbers to arrive at your location as scheduled with all of the tools and skills necessary to accurately and thoroughly address your septic system needs. Whether you need a new system installed but, live near a watershed and are worried about the additional regulations, or you need maintenance or repair service we can help!