When homes are built in small and rural areas they are not always able to be hooked up to public water access. In this situation the only option for making sure the home has clean water is to have a well installed on the property.

A well is a structure that is drilled deep into the ground until groundwater is accessed and is then built to contain that water. Once the well is built and the water is contained a pump is installed and the pump works to bring water out of the well and to the home.

Without a properly working well and well equipment then no water will be sent to your home and tasks like washing dishes or flushing the toilet will be impossible. The productivity of your household would come to a screeching halt.

Luckily, White Plains area homeowners can count on the expert plumbers at Call Clint Plumbing for professional and thorough well and well equipment support. In fact, we have invested in the specialized equipment and training needed to install, repair, and provide maintenance for all types of well and well equipment issues:

  • Murky Water
  • Pump cycles too often or is constantly running
  • Pump runs but there is no water
  • Pump has short cycles and then cuts off

Most well equipment issues can be connected back to a well pump that is giving out or that needs annual service. We have extensive knowledge and experience working with a wide variety of makes and models of well pumps.

Jet Pump

Jet pumps are the more traditional option for well pumps and many homes are equipped with them today. These systems come configured with either one pipe in the well, for shallow pumping. Or, two pipes in the well for deep pumping. Either way, the unit is typically installed somewhere in the basement of the home.

Submersible Pump

For homeowners looking for a quieter and more efficient well pump the submersible pump is a good option. These systems are designed to be placed inside of the well and work to push water out of the well and to the home. Since they are not installed off-site somewhere, they eliminate a step of getting water to the pump and therefore are more efficient.

All mechanical equipment that involves various components should have regular maintenance service and well pumps are no exception. In fact, some government agencies regulate that a well must be serviced on an annual basis in order to preserve the groundwater in the surrounding environment. Our expert technicians provide thorough maintenance service, which includes:

  • A flow test to determine how strong the water is coming out and give clues about how the pump motor is performing.
  • An inspection of the equipment to make sure there isn’t any corrosion and everything is up to code.
  • A test of the water to check for bacteria and levels of mineral deposits and sulfides.

No matter which type or model of well pump you have, or whether you need a new well dug our team can handle every job large or small. We have the special equipment and training to make every well job as efficient as possible and are dedicated to providing our customers with budget-friendly solutions.