Why Is My Water Coming Out A Strange Color?

39032778 - drops of water and hand with wrench, plumbing repair symbolThe summer season is ripe with opportunity for enjoying time together but, that time is best spent being near a body of water. It is difficult to truly enjoy time at the playground if there is not a splash pad near by!


The summer temperatures can really get up there and it is important to keep yourself and your family members cooled off so you can all really enjoy your time together.


Staying cool during the summer months is important, not just to your overall mood and enjoyment of the activities that you are doing, but also to your health.


Getting too hot while you are outside can lead to dehydration and cause heat stroke. It is important to stay cool and to stay hydrated.


So, how do you respond when you turn on the faucet to get a drink of water and the water coming out is discolored?


Here are a few reasons that your water might be a strange color:


  • If you live in an older home, the plumbing pipes might be steel or even galvanized. In this situation, the pipes could be getting corroded and developing rust spots. When flakes of rust come off of the pipes and into the stream of water – the iron in the rust will react with the oxygen in the water and turn the water brown.
  • Having a water softening system can be great for removing the minerals from your water supply that might be causing dry and itchy skin for you and your family members. But, if the system is not properly maintained, the softening agent can build up in the form of resin balls and create a discoloration in the water.
  • Having a heavy buildup of magnesium in your water supply can cause the water to turn colors. If you notice that the water coming out of your faucet or plumbing fixture is a blackish color, go and check the toilet bowl. If the water there is black also, then you definitely have a high content of magnesium in your water supply.


The first thing to do when you notice a discoloration in your water supply is to stay calm – it is likely that the cause of this situation is something very simple and non-harmful. But, next you need to call a professional plumber and have your system inspection to make sure that the situation is nothing to worry about.

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